Hospital Management System :

Health care is one of the most essential service that a developing country like India can provide its citizens. India has a vast population which lack access to top health care and hospitals. In fact, the ratio of doctors to patient is the highest in our country as compared to any other developing country in the world.

This puts a transcendental pressure on the hospitals and the infrastructure related to it. With more and more people coming under the ambit of a medicare, the number of people coming to a hospital for a checkup is only going to increase. We have therefore, come up with advanced Hospital Management software which is robust enough to handle a huge influx of patient and dexterous enough to compartmentalize patient as per their anomalies. Our Software can be used by doctors, technicians, nurses, janitors, administration, suppliers, and also ambulance services.

  • Scheduling Appointments and meetings.
  • Sending invites and setting agendas.
  • Time management for meetings.
  • Better Graphical user interface to set the minutes of the meetings.
  • Geo-tagging of ambulances and personnel to ensure speedy delivery of service.