VPS TecHub Pvt. Ltd.

HandWritten Recognition:-

Our software reads like a human and stores it digitally like a computer.
Don't wish to give up the traditional way of writing but also want to store it digitally? Want to store your medical prescription data in digital text format? Recognition is better than retyping. We bring to you our software. We have achieved over 90% accuracy with the worst possible human handwriting.

HMS: Hospital Management System

Our Software incorporates various factors needed for smooth working and management of a hospital. With advancing technologies, Challenging tasks become feasible by employing our software.

Saving your time, efforts & also the gigantic paperwork. OUR software is Designed to manage various areas of hospital & its services. Technically, it Levels Up Your Management system & makes it easier to use for the people working in the organization.

SALES APP: Customer Relationship Mgt.

Drive your business with salesPlex, a tailor made software for your business requirements.Manage your business process efficiently based on your needs. Track your sales, manage leads using the app Use analytics to know where Sales process improvement is needed.


  • Create agendas
  • Google calendar Invite
  • Check your schedule for the day
  • Geo tagging to track your salespersons(admin side)
  • Check how much time is invested on each agenda/meeting
  • Display your product/catalogue/brochure/flyers as slideshow
  • Create PDFs of the slideshow and email it to the client
  • Track your entire client life cycle
  • Log you reimbursements
  • Keep an eye on your Goal for the week/month